Get to know me

You want to know who I am?

You want to know who wrote the blogs and who made the paintings.

I am Manouk Senhorst, born and raised in a small village in the Netherlands. Currently I’m a student Animal Sciences in Wageningen.

As a kid, I didn’t paint or draw much. Sometimes i made stripes on paper, preferably outside the lines of a coloring picture. Call it impatient. Or call it abstract.

I always loved being outside. Taking adventurous walks, playing with my pets and just letting nature amaze me. I still love to do these things. It brings me joy in a meditative way. It lifts me up when I feel down.
Nature is the silent listener for all your problems.

During high school i forgot about my childhood hobbies and just did what everyone around me did.
When i had to quit everything to rest because of my burn out, I started searching for things that made me happy.
In this quest i got a lot of strength and motivation from coaches, books and people on social media with the same experiences. That is why i want to share my story with you.
I hope to encourage and inspire you to find the things that empower you and to do what makes you happy.

In 2016 I started doodling in my college notebooks. These doodles became drawings. These drawings became paintings.
And now, 2 years later, after a drawing course and painting/meditation retreat, I’ve got the balls to call it art.

Sometimes my mind takes over. I forget about mindfulness and i am all caught up in thoughts. But this year i found a trick to make my mind go silent: I just grab a notebook and start writing.
My notebook contains all my creative ideas, concerns and fantasies.
One of these ideas was the concept of this site: ‘Letters from my mind’
Why ‘Letters from my mind‘? My blog-posts are actually letters from me to you.
Letters to inspire you.

In the blog-posts I write about topics that make me, me. For example meditation, nature, university, burn-out, painting, intuition, HSP (high sensitive person) and books.

This website is bilingual. So some posts will be in English and some will be in Dutch.
Writing in dutch is just easier for me, because i grew up with it. But i also want to offer my international readers some inspiration.

You will get to know me through my blog-posts.


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